Meet Your Power Coach

Meet Your Power Coach, Alishia! The CEO of MOMpreneurs ROCK!


My experiential coaching is full of fun, funny, exciting & outrageously crazy energy with a twist of tough mama bear, no fluff, no bullshit, no handholding love. It's my mission to help you Rock Your Badassery by living the life you love and SUPERcharging your business with a profit focused plan.  

"The MOMpreneurs Mentor & Confidence Coach"

The innovative programs that I have developed help MOMpreneurs like yourself make millions while creating a symmetry between your life and business.

Listen, I know that there's training program after training program out there that are just a different variation of what you've already purchased...


Here's the deal, you are still in search of that program or system that's going to help YOU be the BEST person for yourself, partner to your significant other, parent to your children + a  badass business owner, right?

Here’s The GOOD NEWS for YOU!

I made all the mistakes for you…

I figured it out through trial and error…

I removed all the fluff and got down to RESULTS…

Then I made everything I knew and found, easy to implement…

And the result…THIS SHIT WORKS! (and it works for MOST people)

The same systems, strategies & tools that you will learn here are what I personally created and used to:

A). Generate millions in revenue from my companies & B). Help my clients generate over 12 million dollars in revenue

Here’s what you can expect from me as your coach:

  1. NO fluff! NO bullshit! Tell it like it is (Yes I swear, if that bothers you, exit NOW)
  2. Through training with me, you will find your “Fastest Path to Cash”
  3. You will always get more value than the price you paid for everything
  4. All you have to do is Train + Trust + Implement because THIS SHIT WORKS!
  5. Everything is delivered to you in a big package of FUN, FUNNY, EXCITING, ENTERTAINING & EDUCATIONAL badassery = POWER COACH ALISHIA!

Here’s the deal, if you’re sick of wasting time and ready to Live Your Badass Life + Build a Badass Business as your authentic self.

This right here…ME, is the breathe of fresh air you’ve been looking foR!


Love, Love, Love,
Power Coach Alishia

We are in this TOGETHER!

I am so glad that you’re here and you finally found me, WE GOT THIS!